An Ecologically Conscious Tool

Pick It is a user friendly app that allows anyone to contribute their fair share to cleaning up our home and help create a sustainable future for our planet one trash pick up at a time. Pick It users are able to place a marker anywhere on our very own map, creating an alert indicating nearby volunteers there is need for help in cleaning up thrown away plastic or other trash items.

Created to Preserve our Earth’s natural Beauty and End unwanted Trash Pollution

By choosing to use the Pick It app, you are helping the earth and becoming a responsible citizen in a time of climate emergency. Cleaning up our neighborhoods, cities and beaches is an important task which we must all take responsibility for.

Within our map we have highlighted various recycling centers around the globe so as to make it easier for you to responsibly sort out the trash you will collect.

What is Pick it ?

Pick it users place a marker on a map alerting nearby volunteers of the need for a clean up of the concerned area.

Pick It is already being used on a daily basis in our home base city of Nice in the south of France, particularly during beach cleanups.

Easy to Use

An easy to use, practical app made to save the planet. Pick it allows people to place markers on a map so that volunteers can come clean up the area from various trash.

Get Stuff by Helping

Pick it has made several sponsorships with companies in order to give out coupons and free items to top volunteers each month.